ProActive sells self-paced, mastery-based courses for Grades 7 through 12, in Applied Skills, Careers, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. These courses are used with great success every day in classrooms throughout BC and the Yukon.

The New BC Curriculum

Well, it has been a long time coming, but the courses for the new BC curriculum are finally starting to become available. The biggest road block has been the lack of new resources (publishing new textbooks takes time!) and the ever-shifting sands of implementation dates. We are excited to announce the following 24 courses are rewritten for the new curriculum and are now available:

  • BC First Peoples 12
  • Career-Life Education 10
  • Career Life Connections 12
  • Child Development & Caregiving 12
  • Earth Science 11
  • English 08
  • English 09
  • English 10 (Composition and Literary Studies 10)
  • English 11
  • English Studies 12
  • Interpersonal & Family Relationships 11
  • Life Sciences 11
  • Math 8
  • Math 9
  • Math 10 Workplace
  • Math 10 Foundations & PreCalculus
  • Math 11 Workplace
  • Math 11 PreCalculus
  • Math 12 Apprenticeship
  • Science 8
  • Science 9
  • Science 10
  • Social Studies 8
  • Social Studies 9
  • Social Studies 10
  • Explorations in Social Studies 11

  • We are hard at work on Anatomy & Physiology 12, and will announce its availability as soon as it is ready.

    What is included?

    Each course you purchase from ProActive comes in a tabbed binder which contains photocopy masters of the entire course, and answer keys for the worksheets, A and B Unit tests, Cumulative tests, and Projects where appropriate. It also comes with a CD-ROM with the Adobe Acrobat PDF versions of the files so you may print them directly off the CD.


    Each course costs $500. Our flat rate shipping and handling charge is $30. GST is chargeable on both the course costs and the shipping charge. These prices reflect the first increase in more than nine years.

    Remember, that unlike correspondence courses or computer delivered curriculum, there are no per student or annual fees. Your license allows you to use our courses for as many students as you wish at a single site. Generous volume discounts are also available.